Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Getting What We Expect

A woman answered the knock at her door to find an obviously destitute man who wanted to earn some money by doing odd jobs.  She was touched by his need and asked, “Can you paint?”

“Yes,” he said.  “I’m a pretty good painter.”

“Well, here’s a gallon of green paint and a brush.  Go around the house and you’ll see a porch that needs repainting.  Be very careful.  When you’re done, I’ll look it over and pay you what it’s worth.”

It wasn’t more than an hour before he knocked again.  “All finished,” he reported.

“Did you do a good job?” she asked.

“Yes.  But Lady, there’s one thing I’d like to point out to you.  That’s not a Porsche back there.  That’s a Mercedes.”

We don’t always get what we expect when we ask people to serve.

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